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Bankruptcy to Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Producer

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From Bankrupt to Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner Are you tired of “thinking about” obtaining a life you love, with all the trimmings but no matter how hard you try, you just haven’t been able to get there?  

Are you looking for a roadmap that will help you build a business and still have a life?  

In this inspirational and action-oriented book, Shane Torres presents a proven path that he himself has traveled that will take you from rock bottom to where ever you wish to go in life.  

Road to $20 Million will show you how you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep pushing forward… even if you're bankrupt and unemployed. It doesn't matter where you are in life and business right now, you can change your course. Road to $20 Million helps you get your priorities right. Road to $20 Million helps you grow your income, mindset, and business. Don’t wait. Read this book and unlock the benefits of the Road to $20 Million today.

"I thought this would be a regular real estate book but was blown away by the emotions I felt when reading the story! I love a good comeback story as much as anyone else and this was one heck of a comeback. The author is brave to share his story from a period of his life that was so distressing. The lessons we can all learn are worth every penny - and more!"

- I.A. Turn, Amazon Reviewer

"Very good book. I felt like the author was my friend sharing his life’s ups/downs and teaching me from his mistakes. I will definitely incorporate his road map as I make future personal and business decisions in my life."

- M. Cromley, Amazon Reviewer

"I really enjoyed reading this book! The author's personal narrative at the beginning of the book awarded him credibility to give the advice at the end of the book. There were many times I could relate to the issues and feel motivated to follow the road map to make positive changes in my life."

- B. Weers, Amazon Reviewer