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RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts Sold 

Robb Spearman, who founded RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts 16 years ago, sold it to four of the company’s brokers: Lance Hanson, Matt Mauro, Ou Meksay and Shane Torres. Started with a single real estate agent, Real Estate Concepts now has nearly 200 agents and 14 offices in the metro.

RE/MAX Concepts: New Management Structure, Same Principles

For more than 15 years, West Des Moines-based RE/MAX Concepts answered to one owner. That changed last year when founder Robb Spearman retired and sold the company to four of his brokers: Lance Hanson, Matt Mauro, Ou Meksay and Shane Torres.


Shane Torres Responds to Fake Online Home Listings From Scammers

Scammers are often posting homes for rent on websites like Craigslist and Zillow that are actually for sale by real estate agents. Read Shane Torres' response to these fake online listings and his warning to homebuyers and renters to beware of online listings with limited information.

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