The Importance of Having a Coach/Mentor

Shane Torres

One thing I know in this business, and in life, is that there is always room to grow. No matter where you’re at in life, you can always learn more and find ways to improve yourself. If you're not in this mindset already, you need to be! Pause for a moment and think about where you are in life: are you happy where you're at, or do you want so much more?

Changing your mindset and experiencing growth aren't easy things to do. This is where having an experienced coach or mentor in your life is a huge advantage. 

It’s hard to push yourself to identify areas in your life and business where you need to make changes. If you've been doing things the same way for a long time, you might be stuck in a rut or a cycle that's going nowhere. A coach or mentor can provide an outside perspective and give you valuable insights into actions you need to take to move forward and grow. As your business coach, I’ll push you out of your comfort zone and into heights you’ve never thought possible!

Staying accountable to someone other than yourself

or a family member is a great perk of working with a coach or mentor. Working together, we will make a practical and strategic plan that is unique to your situation, and I will hold you to it. I’ll remind you of your goals every step of the way, and make sure you're staying on the right path. 

There's something about surrounding yourself with others who are successful or where you want to be that makes magic happen. They've been where you're at and can provide you with inspiration to move forward, as well as call you out on your BS if need be. This is why having a successful business coach with experience is important. There are a lot of business coaches out there who have no real business experience, yet try to sell their services based on what they think they might be able to do. Success doesn't just happen though! And if you're investing in your future and financial stability, you don't want to gamble on systems or coaches who have no track record of success.

Road to $20 Million is a system that is proven to create a successful business.

Using this system, we can apply the principles and guidelines to your business and help you find amazing success. As your business coach I won't be afraid to get real with you, because I genuinely care about helping you become as successful as you can be. Your success isn’t just about growing your business: real success is thriving in your personal, financial and spiritual life. 

If you're interested in joining the Road to $20 Million program, you can get started with a free 15 minute consultation. We will assess where you're at, what your goals are, and discuss how I can help you get there. I have different tools and options available to you depending on what your needs are. Click here to get started  with your consultation now!

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Growing Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to business, I have never claimed to be the best or smartest person in the world, so how have we accomplished what we have at Road to $20 Million? You want to know? Well here it is: discipline and consistency. Doing little things that add up to huge results. The difference between me and others is I out work them. I am a wealth of what not to do, and I use that to help teach those who come to me for advice. My team is dedicated to helping others get the results they strive for faster, by avoiding the mistakes that I made along my journey. My main goal in all I do is to help people achieve the revenue goals they want, yet still live a life to enjoy it.

At RT20M, we have put together an incredible business training course that has proven itself time and time again. Through services such as online sales training, membership options, one-on-one business coaching and more, you have the tools at your fingertips to grow your real estate business. Take a look at the services and products we offer to learn more about RT20M. We encourage you to contact our team of real estate professionals with any questions - we are ready to help you obtain your goals.  

Our Proven Roadmap to Business Success

The Road to $20 Million Roadmap is the detailed 7-step process that took me from Chapter 7 to over $20 Million in real estate sales in 3 short years. If you’re interested in taking your business and life to the next level, for just three payments of $83.33 totaling $250, you can have the exact tips and processes I used on my journey to success. If you’re a driven person, you can learn and run with it. Feel like you need some help getting started? That’s why we’re here! Contact me and my team today to discuss all options on how RT20M can help you. Get more information regarding our services and products, or to get the answers to any business-related questions you might have.

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Shane Torres is the founder of Road to $20 Million. Learn more about Shane & the Road to $20 Million program.