Road to $20 Million FAQs

The services we provide at Road to $20 Million often raise questions focused on who we help, which of our resources are best for you, and what exactly it is that we do. We want our clients and potential clients to have a full understanding of who Road to $20 Million is. This includes our goals for us and our clients, and how we can best help you achieve success and a positive life-balance. We took the time to answer some of the most common questions our team has received, and hope that you can find answers and value in them.

About Road to $20 Million

Road to $20 Million is a training program for industry professionals looking to grow their real estate business and become a successful real estate agent while achieving a positive work-life balance. Our dedicated team and step-by-step business training courses are designed to pave the way to your success! Through our unique, personal real estate coaching experience and online resources, you will learn the habits of a successful real estate agent so that you can navigate the road to success.

Who is the Road to $20 Million program for?

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years, own your own real estate business and are looking to grow, or simply want to kickstart your career as an agent, our program is designed to fit your goals and aspirations. While we place an emphasis on real estate, the skills and habits you’ll learn through our program can be utilized in many different areas of professionalism and life. We’ve also worked with business professionals in various industries, such as:

1. Life Coaches 2. Consultants 3. Small Business Owners 4. Business Franchise Owners 

No matter your job title, our goal is to help you attain a positive work-life balance. We want to show you how to be successful both in and outside of work. If you aren’t in the real estate industry and are interested in our program, you can still sign up and expect to leave with a life-changing sense of motivation and direction.

How do I know which Road to $20 Million training program is right for me?

If you’re wondering which of our programs is right for you, visit our products and membership options to help you decide the best fit for your goals. Our 7-Step Roadmap to Success business training course allows you to progress toward success on your own time. If you’re interested in networking with the industry’s best, check out membership options and receive exclusive access to our private Facebook page and me, Shane, via email. You can even sign up for our unique one-on-one coaching experience where you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with me for a minimum requirement of 3 months through texting and emailing, weekly phone calls, and monthly facebook live videos.

What will I learn in the Road to $20 Million real estate training program?

Essentially, you’ll learn how to become a successful real estate agent and how to grow your business at Road to $20 Million. We take real estate training to the next level. You will leave us with the habits of a successful real estate agent and the ability to lead a positive work-life balance. Our program is built off of my own success story, and will prepare you for the roadblocks I was faced with on my four year journey from bankrupt to selling millions in real estate. No matter where you’re currently at when you sign up for our program, you will be able to apply your learnings to your own life. For more information about our training program and resources, contact Shane at and get started.

About Being a Real Estate Agent, Training & Coaching

My team and I know first-hand that becoming a successful real estate agent doesn’t simply happen overnight. Without dedication and persistence, the skills and knowledge you gain from Road to $20 Million’s program can only take you so far. We strive to put an emphasis on motivation, and to set a foundation with which you can continue to build off of once you’ve completed our program. You find value in taking the time to research the industry and build relationships that will grow your network.

How can I increase my real estate business?

Road to $20 Million is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Commit to our program and you will walk away with day-to-day time management skills and a mindset that gets you out of bed each and every morning. Develop the ability to set and plan long-term milestones that keep you and your business proactive and growing. Road to $20 Million helps you produce lifelong systems that not only produce growth, but continue it. You can create the lifestyle you and your loved ones dreamed of living.

What is real estate coaching?

At Road to $20 Million, we believe that real estate coaching should be conducted in a way that allows us to work alongside our clients for their personal and professional growth and well being. My team and I, in addition to helping you learn and develop the skills necessary for success, will be there for you to bounce ideas off of, to share your goals with and work side-by-side with to meet them, and take fresh insights and perspectives from that you can utilize for your own growth.

Real estate coaching can come in many different forms and personalities. Choosing the right real estate coach for you is something to strongly consider. Successful real estate coaching derives from positivity, collaboration, and assurance. You can trust Road to $20 Million for your real estate training, as you know you’ll be learning from highly-trained and experienced industry leaders. My team and I focus on the goals of our clients, not our own. We work as a guide to your success. Rest assured knowing that the training you’re receiving is valuable and proven through our own success.

Why do real estate agents fail?

There are many potential reasons for why real estate agents don’t succeed. The most common ones usually involve a lack of commitment. Many real estate agents let the attrition rate of the industry affect their faith in themselves and the business, and will give up when things don’t seem to be going well. Others often fail because they’re in the business for the wrong reasons – making money. It is important to understand that in order to reach success, relationships need to form and spend time developing. This is why networking is such a key factor to success. Once those relationships form, opportunities begin to arise. Our goal is to provide those networking opportunities and show you how to best take advantage of them.

How do I get started?

I want to help you achieve a positive life-balance for you and your loved ones. Working hard is necessary to be successful, but having a life to enjoy that hard work is something that not everybody gets to do. That’s where we come in. Road to $20 Million will show you how to do just that! Don’t wait any longer to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of living, contact my team and I today to learn more about our products and services.