Using Faith as a Resource

Shane Torres

When most people look at business owners, they think we have it all together. Oftentimes we make it look easy running a company and being successful, while the reality is much more complicated. 

If you’re like I was, your mind never really turns off.

You’re constantly keeping different business operations in mind, like staff, overhead, bills, monthly sales, and now pandemic-related issues. Owners who are invested in their business and committed to growth and reaching goals are usually driven like this, which is a good thing!

The only time that having your business on your mind is not so much of a good thing is when it affects your mindset. When you can’t turn your mind off. Maybe you get anxious or worried, and it affects your diet, sleep, mood or decisions. Or you can become obsessive and your business consumes all your time and energy, leaving nothing for your family and friends.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can be a successful business owner and be in a much better mindset. To get out of chaotic or obsessive thinking patterns, it's important to decompress and have something to believe in that gives you the ability to stop worrying and know that everything will be alright. 

For me, that’s where faith comes in. 

In my book, I shared in detail how faith has been a huge part of my journey from the beginning. Faith allowed me to take chances, and kept me going when I lost everything financially in 2009. My belief system was key in not giving up or getting lost in the anxieties that I was facing at the time, and to instead trust that no matter what happened in my business, I was going to be okay.

What keeps you going?

What do you have to fall back on if you lost everything? Not everyone shares the same faith or beliefs, but I firmly believe that faith will help you go further than you could ever go alone.

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Shane Torres is the founder of Road to $20 Million. Learn more about Shane & the Road to $20 Million program.