Doing Business Differently in 2020

Shane Torres

I get asked a lot about how my business has changed in 2020, and what I did differently to keep my company growing at this time. The health pandemic that hit our country this year had a huge impact on all businesses, both large and small, and as a result everyone has had to stop and adapt to the new normal moving forward. Sitting back and reflecting on what happened, I think COVID really brought the use of technology to the forefront and challenged businesses to take advantage of things they had taken for granted for so long.

So here is the honest answer to how my businesses have survived this year,

as well as some advice you use if you’re still struggling with doing better business during this pandemic.

In my own company, we’ve been doing 99% of our business online for years, so we were already prepared when everything essentially shut down. Back in 2012, I sold a house over a video call alone. The clients never saw the new construction home in person until the day they bought it. So my team didn’t even skip a beat when social distancing and shut-downs went into effect. We pivoted, adjusted, and continued business as close to usual as possible.

Some technology we have been using for a while includes Zoom calls, Google calendars, video calls, and virtual showings. These online platforms are effective because they save time, are easily accessible to both clients and other team members, and are readily available to everyone.

I think where a lot of business went wrong is not having efficient systems in place already,

so when the pandemic hit they had to not only learn technology that had been available for a long time, but adjust to using it as well in order to business differently as the year progressed. 

If you haven’t already adjusted to working online with virtual systems, or if you’re still struggling to not only survive but to really grow your business as the year comes to an end, then my advice would be to focus on your systems.

As I mentioned, my real-estate company was able to thrive this year because of the systems we have in place. Whether you're in real estate or not, having efficient systems that are easily accessible for both clients and everyone on your team is crucial to running a smooth operation. Take a look at your business and ask yourself if you're taking advantage of all the options available to you. How much of your business is digital? What methods or processes are just not working well? How can you do more business online in an effective and efficient way that makes sense for your company?

If you're struggling to answer those questions, or just don't know where to start making changes in your business, then let's talk. Having a professional with experience in growing businesses will give you the perspective you need and a strategic plan to move forward. Contact us to set up a free consultation to assess your needs and find a solution to help you thrive as we head into 2021!

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